Channeling Center Management System


The SmartDr is a software solution that optimizes appointment scheduling, patient records, expenses, drug inventory , and communication for channeling centers, improving efficiency and overall service quality.

Let's enhance your channeling center experience!

Appointment Scheduling

• Online appointments.
• Easy steps for scheduling and managing of appointments.
• Appointment dashboard for separate display.

Doctor and Staff Management

• Profile management for doctors and staff with details.
• Access control to restrict unauthorized access to sensitive information.
• Assignment of roles and responsibilities for staff members.

Patient Records

• Electronic health records (EHR) for storing patient information securely
• History tracking of patient visits, prescriptions, and treatments.

Prescription Management

• Manage and track prescriptions, including medication history and dosage instructions.
• Send Prescription via SMS & Email
• Generate Medical Certificates
• Generate Referral Letters

Billing and Payments

• Invoicing and billing features for services rendered.
• Generation of receipts and invoices for patients.
• Handle partial payments easily.

Inventory Management

• Tracking and managing medical supplies.
• Automatic alerts for low stock levels to avoid shortages.
• Drug packages system.

Reporting and Analytics

• Generation of reports on patient demographics, appointments, and revenue.
• Analytics tools for insights into center performance.
• Dashboards for quick visualization of key metrics.

Communication Module

• SMS or email notifications for appointment confirmations.
• Email Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports

Security and Compliance

• Data encryption and secure storage to ensure patient privacy.
• Compliance with healthcare regulations and standards.
• Regular security audits and updates to protect against potential threats.

Expenses Module

• Categorize channeling center expenses.
• Daily, Weekly, Monthly report via email.

Mobile Accessibility

• Mobile-friendly interface for both patients and staff.

Data Backup and Recovery

• Implement regular data backup procedures and a robust recovery system to prevent data loss.


The Highest Quality User Interface

Best industry standard user interface


Improving the Quality of Channeling Center

Improving quality of clinical records through technology.


Leading the Way in EMR Excellence

Improving quality of Channeling Center.


SmartDr Pricing

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LKR 2500 / month

  • Appointments Module
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LKR 4500 / month

  • Appointments Module
  • Single Visit Treatment Module
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LKR 5500 / month

  • Appointments Module
  • Single Visit Treatment Module
  • Multi Visit Treatment Module
  • Expenses Module
  • Drug Inventory Module
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Users sharing their experience

I've been using SmartDr Channeling Center Management System, and it has been a game-changer for our clinic. The user-friendly interface, coupled with robust security features, has made accessing and managing patient records seamless. The system's reliability and excellent support have greatly improved our efficiency. I highly recommend it for any healthcare organization seeking an efficient and secure solution.

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Dr. Lasantha Bandara


Switching to SmartDr Channeling Center Management System has been a transformative experience for our clinic. The system's simplicity and efficiency have streamlined our record-keeping processes, saving us time and reducing administrative burdens. We're extremely pleased with this solution, which has enhanced our overall operations and allowed us to provide even better patient care. Highly recommended!

shape author
Dr. Udara Malmessa


Highly recommended! SmartDr Channeling Center Management System has transformed our data, making operations smoother and more efficient. A must-have for any medical practice!

shape author
Dr. Sampath Kahawala


Great experience using the system! It provided quick and accurate responses, making my interaction seamless. Super impressed with the efficiency and helpfulness. 👍

shape author
Dilini Perera


Fantastic user experience! The system's responses were spot-on and incredibly helpful. Smooth and efficient interaction. Kudos to the developers! 👏

shape author
Sanjeewa Silva


I'm impressed with the system's responsiveness and the depth of information it provides. User-friendly and reliable. Great job, team!

shape author
Achini Fernando


SmartDr Channeling Center Management System gets my highest recommendation! It's intuitive, efficient, and has greatly improved our operations. Highly recommended!

shape author
Dr. Chandimal Yaddehige